Lawsuit against Kirkland Parkplace dismissed by Superior Court

Touchstone, the developer of Kirkland Parkplace has reached a settlement agreement with Davidson Serles & Associates / Continental Plaza Corp., owners of neighboring properties according to documents received by the City of Kirkland and requested by Kirkland Views. In the Stipulation and Order of Dismissal by Superior Court of the State of Washington filed September 27, 2011, the court orders "that all claims in this matter are dismissed with prejudice, without costs to either party."

The City of Kirkland was also named in the lawsuit.

Now that the claims against Touchstone have been dropped, progress toward the development of Kirkland Parkplace can continue unencumbered. Remaining to be completed is a development agreement between Touchstone and the City and the application for building permits.

The project received approval from the Design Review Board in December 2010.