Geese and beavers are not welcome at Juanita Beach Park

Q: Why is Juanita Creek crisscrossed with string?

Many waited with anticipation for the most westerly portion of Juanita Beach Park -- the wooded area with a trail which leads around meandering Juanita Creek -- to open. Much to the surprise of one visitor who wrote to us, the area has rope strung over the water and newly planted banks of the creek. We looked checked it out and asked around and here is what we found:

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The ropes which crisscross the creek are in place to ward off any geese which might choose to dine or hang out on the newly planted foliage along Juanita Creek.

Geese are not the only creatures this area is protected against. Beavers, which are known to traverse Juanita Creek and even swim across the bay from Forbes Creek, will not find refuge in Juanita Beach Park as the entire waterline of the creek is fenced off. Even some well-established trees are fenced off.

So there you have it. The newly planted Juanita Creek portion of the park is laced with fences and ropes to ward off pesky geese and beavers. Check out the new wooden bridge, gravel pathway and benches in this area and enjoy the setting. But leave your geese and beavers behind.