Jason Gardiner endorsed by 45th District Democrats in race for Kirkland City Council


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Jason Gardiner, candidate for Kirkland City Council, Position 2, has been endorsed by the 45th District Democrats in his challenge of incumbent, Bob Sternoff. The "Fightin' 45th' as they like to be called, made the unusual move to endorse Gardiner, an independent, in the non-partisan Kirkland City Council race. "It is unusual for us to endorse an independent." said Andrew Villenevue, who serves on the Executive Board of the 45th District Democrats. Usually, the group endorses fellow Democrats.

With the endorsement, Gardiner will join Dave Asher and Jessica Greenway on the Fightin' 45th's list of endorsed candidates. Villenevue continued, "He will be listed on our endorsement flyer and we will be urging people to vote for him."

Gardiner was recommended for endorsement by the 45th District Democrats' endorsement committee during their most recent general meeting.

On June 6, 2011, we ran a non-scientific poll asking, "Should Political Parties Endorse Candidates in Non-Partisan Races?" and as of this writing, the response has been 75.41% YES, vs. 24.59% NO (the poll is still open, so if you haven't voted, you may do so to the right).