LETTER | I have never seen local politics turn so dirty

Dear Editor:

After reading the article about the “Concerned Citizens of Kirkland” I was really disappointed that such a group of people would take to such tactics.

Then coming home last night from a meeting I noticed a person or persons starting to put up one of their signs in front of a Bob Sternoff signs by the Albertsons at the corner of 100th NE and NE 132nd. I think that I startled them since when I came down the hill this morning, the Bob Sternoff sign was pushed down in the grass, but no “CCoK” sign, but more had been added in front of other Bob Sternoff signs up the hill.

Now these people may not like Bob Sternoff, and Bob’s opponent, Jason Gardiner, says he is not part of this organization. But personally in all my 77 years on this earth I have never seen local politics turn so dirty.

This is supposed to be a non-partisan office, but according to the article, the 45th district Democrats have an axe to grind over something that happened some years ago.

From what I have read, Bob Sternoff has apologized. Toby Nixon wrote a good article on the controversy and you would think the subject would be closed.

I personally think it is time close this chapter in Kirkland’s past and time for these people to grow up and act like adults.


Art Larson