Touchstone says Kirkland made no financial contribution to Parkplace settlement



Touchstone Corporation, developer of Kirkland Parkplace, has released a statement regarding the recent settlement of a lawsuit attempting to halt and/or alter the project which states that the City of Kirkland made "no financial contribution to the final settlement."

Over the past two years, the Parkplace project has faced legal appeals from Davidson Serles and Continental Plaza. All appeals on the merits have been adjudicated in favor of Touchstone.

In order to avoid further appeals and delays, Touchstone has settled the outstanding lawsuits and appeals with Davidson Serles and Continental Plaza. This eliminates all remaining legal hurdles for the Parkplace project and it can now proceed with permitting.

The City of Kirkland participated in settlement discussions but made no financial contribution to the final settlement.

A-P Hurd

Progress toward the development of Kirkland Parkplace can now continue unencumbered. Still to be completed is a development agreement between Touchstone and the City and the application for building permits.

The project received approval from the Design Review Board in December 2010.