LETTER | Vote NO to On-the Job Training for City Council (Poll)

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It is deplorable that a PAC (Political Action Committee) has resorted to negative campaigning during Kirkland’s election for City Council.  It annoys us that these ‘concerned citizens’ hide behind a PAC instead of personally standing behind their words.  Who are they?  They suggest that we should oppose the reelection of Bob Sternoff.  Should we also ignore his excellent record of public service and experience?

We expect the candidates to compete based on their record of community service and experience and their vision of what they will bring to the Council and to the City.  Bob’s opponent has no experience – he readily admits that he has no experience but says that he will learn if elected.  He only recently became a citizen of Kirkland.  He has had no past interest in the affairs of our city, nor has he served on any boards or committees related to city government.

On the other hand, Bob Sternoff has been an active member of our City Council since 2005.  He is the Chair of our Public Safety Committee.  He is a member of the Suburban Cities Association Board, the Puget Sound Regional Council Board, the Regional Transit Committee Board, Chair of the Suburban Cities Growth Management Planning Committee Caucus and Chair of the Suburban Cities Growth Management Planning Board (PSRC) Caucus.  Prior to serving on the Council, Bob served 8 years on the Kirkland Park Board including 3 terms as Chair. He also was a founding member of the Downtown Action Team where he served as Vice Chair of the Executive Committee, Chair of the Parking Subcommittee and Vice Chair of the Lakeshore Plaza Design and Development Sub-Committee.  Council Member Sternoff has also served as a member of the Juanita Beach Advisory Committee, Skate Board Park Committee and 2002 Park Bond Steering Committee and chaired the Annexation Sub-Committee.  He has been an active citizen of Kirkland for over 30 years.

Let’s face it.  Especially during these tough economic times, we cannot afford to have on-the-job training for a member of the City Council.   We need someone who understands the issues, who is actively engaged in working for our better interests and who has a proven track record.  That someone is Bob Sternoff.

J. Donald & Merrily Dicks

Two Democrats for Bob Sternoff