Public Fireworks Display Tonight at Juanita High School Homecoming


The City of Kirkland Fire Department has issued a permit for a public fireworks display to be held on Friday evening, October 14.  The display will be part of the homecoming football game at Juanita High School (10601 N.E. 132nd Street).  This permit is in accordance with Kirkland Ordinance Number 3625 which prohibits private use of fireworks, but authorizes public displays pursuant to RCW 70.77.260(2) (Public Displays) and RCW 70.77.311(2) (use by a group or individual for religious or other specific purpose on an approved date and at an approved location)."  The display is being done by a Washington State licensed Pyrotechnician in accordance with our ordinance.

This is an annual event at the school, so you may all be familiar with the steps we take to notify the area residents so they are aware and so that they can keep any animals confined during the show.  This has been accomplished by students leaving flyers at houses near the school and posting flyers at area businesses, and posting the info on the school reader board.  We will also be running a community notice on Kirkland's cable channel as well as posting the information on Kirkland’s web page.