LETTER | Jessica Greenway re-election is vital

Dear Editor:

As a 30-year resident of Kirkland who is vocal about my concerns, there have been times when I thought my city council wished I would shut up and go away.  That is, until Jessica Greenway was elected.  I called her about a problem several of us had with the way a piece of property in our neighborhood was being used, and not only did I get a call back, in short order my neighbors and I had a meeting with the City Manager, the Mayor, Jessica and two city department managers who all wanted to know the details of the problem and how to make sure it never happened again.

Since then, when other issues have troubled me, I’ve called Jessica.  She listens, she understands my issues, and she also helps me understand other points of view so I can better understand how city government has to balance the needs of all the people who, together, make this such a vital and attractive city to live and do business in.  She has an incredible grasp of the details of all the complex processes that make this city work, and sees the bigger picture at the same time.  Now when we’re figuring out how to make our latest annexation work, how to stay on top of our economic challenges without losing our services, and how to keep the integrity of our city, Jessica’s re-election is vital

I urge you to vote for Jessica and make sure you’re not only heard, you’re understood and your voice is responsibly represented.


Melissa Thirloway