Stars and Stripes once again fly over Marina Park

[scrollGallery id=182] When Heath and Krista Warnock look out of their store windows at SpaKrista (10 Lakeshore Plaza), they see one of Kirkland's greatest assets, Marina Park. Between SpaKrista and the park is the Plaza of Champions, built in 1988 to honor and recognize those groups and individuals in the greater Kirkland area who have reached the pinnacle of achievement in their chosen field thus contributing in a significant way to our community. At the center of the plaza stands a flagpole donated by the Kirkland Rotary Club in 1975. The flagpole is barren and unused without a flag.

In early September, Heath sent us a letter inquiring about the flagpole, "As myself and a number of others were cleaning up the Marina on a typical Saturday morning it was most obvious our flagpole was standing proud with no sign of a flag. Do you have any idea who's responsibility it is to fly our beloved treasure and symbol?  Especially in remembrance of 9/11.  Come to think of it ...I'm not sure it was flown over the 4th of July. I certainly hope the city of kirkland has not forgotten to fly her over our city.  The business's which support Kirkland certainly have not."

Heath did some looking around and found out that the rigging for the flagpole had been removed. He wanted to see the Stars and Stripes flying again in Marina Park and he was willing to step up and do something about it. Heath contacted Jenny Schroder, Kirkland Parks and Community Services Director. Jenny made arrangements for the flagpole rigging to be installed and provided Heath with an American flag.

So now, if you happen to see Old Glory flying above the Plaza of Champions, you know who to thank.

We say Kudos to you, Heath Warnock. Thank you for helping make Kirkland a better place.


[box type="info" style="rounded" border="full"]Fun Fact: Did you know there are two flagpoles in the parking lot next to Marina Park? One is at the Plaza of Champions. The other is located 30 yards to the south between the plaza and the pump station.[/box]