LETTER | He did bad things...

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Mr. Contreras, I ‘m responding to your questions in the order asked.

1. If Bob Sternoff did bad things how come the city council voted unanimously to drop the whole subject?

Mr. Sternoff wrote the emails; e.g., “Morons. F[]ing morons” in speaking of fellow councilmembers.  He did bad things.  No “ifs”.

As you know, Mr. Contreras, City Council’s consideration of the ethics violations and the release of the Sherman Report were put on hold by Mr. Sternoff’s restraining order against the city until the new City Council was seated in 2010.  That city council, with new members elected by you and other participants in the Kirkland 2020 campaign, chose not to put ethics violations by Mr. Sternoff at the forefront of the council.  Members of the Council who would have preferred to discuss the violations further had to choose between two options—1) Drop the discussion and move on with other city business; or 2) Continue the discussion of the violations and risk having the Sherman report suppressed for a further time by Mr. Sternoff’s restraining order.  Lack of prosecution does not equate to innocence.

2. Why did the council hire Sherman who had close ties with several council members? Can you spell conflict of interest?

Mr. Sherman did not have close ties with several council members.  I will explain with examples.

You, Mr. Contreras, ran as a candidate for King County Executive and for State Representative in the 48th Legislative District. Did you have close ties with each and every person who contributed to your campaign or might have had a picture taken with you?  Doubtful at best.

Do Mary-Alice Burleigh and I have close ties because I contributed to her election campaign?  Definitely not.

In the desk drawer of a friend of mine is a picture of himself standing beside Newt Gingrich.  Occasionally he laughingly pulls out the picture and offers to have his “friend” Newt use his powers of persuasion on visitors.  No close relationship.

3. Why is the group behind these outrageous signs unwilling to disclose who is contributing money to their organization? Can you spell transparency?

Mr. Contreras, with your experience as a candidate and your relationship with Mr. Sternoff’s campaign chairperson, you should be very familiar with the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) rules for reporting.  Concerned Citizens of Kirkland is subject to the same disclosure rules as was Kirkland 2020, the committee which launched the ad in which you appeared in 2009.  I seriously doubt that the public was aware that only 7 percent of the Kirkland 2020 funding came from Kirkland voters, with the other funds coming from John Gilday (63 percent) and Kirkland businesses/developers (30 percent).  I’m confident that Concerned Citizens of Kirkland will meet all the requirements of the PDC.

Only your first question deals with Mr. Sternoff’s ethics violations.  The other questions deal with the messenger instead of the message.  Let’s agree to stay on topic.

Jim McElwee