LETTER | I support Toby Nixon

To The Editor,

I support Toby Nixon for City Council. Kirkland needs someone who understands business and what it takes to bring business to the city and keep the ones who are already here. The city needs a professional who understands negotiations, consensus building, budgeting and prioritizing city planning. We need someone who understands that the city can’t let streets deteriorate until they are in crisis before seeking yet another tax increase to solve the problem.

Toby has a long record of achievement and success; experience in state and local government and experience as a negotiator for Microsoft. Toby will immediately reach out to the business community to attract and retain businesses. He will actively listen and advocate for the people he serves. The annexation area currently does not have a representative on the city council. Toby will be a voice for our area and help integrate the two very diverse parts of the city.

Please join me in voting for Toby Nixon for City Council.


Jeanie D. McCombs