Ford of Kirkland volunteers lend a hand to Juanita Bay Park

[scrollGallery id=183] On Thursday, over a dozen volunteers from Ford of Kirkland spent the morning lending a hand to help restore the natural beauty of Juanita Bay Park. The volunteers worked under the guidance of Nona Ganz and June Fletcher, long-time stewards of what many consider to be the jewel of the Kirkland parks system.

The group removed weeds from an area in the upper park which was planted last year. Because of their work, Nona and her crews will be able to plant additional native species which will prevent the weeds from taking root in the future.

Stewardship of our community is a value we see in Ford of Kirkland. We recognize the company as a leader in the effort to promote partnerships between local businesses and Kirkland parks.

For this reason we say Kudos and thank you to the Ford of Kirkland volunteers for a job well done!

[box type="tick" style="rounded" border="full"]If you would like more information about how your company can volunteer to help Juanita Bay Park, please contact us.[/box]