LETTER | Don't Touch That Sign!

Two years ago, I submitted a letter to the editor regarding campaign signs. Today, a letter was submitted noting destruction of signs and while I don’t agree with the author’s assigning blame (and shame) to the opposing candidate and her supporters, she is absolutely correct that the defacing of signs is not acceptable.


I found the prior letter and it is reprinted below. It ran in August of 2009 so the weather was considerably warmer than it is now in November of 2011 and it was before the primary, but with those items noted, the message is still appropriate: Don’t Touch That Sign!


It's campaign time. The sun is in the sky, the nights are warm and lovely, and the streets are full of campaign signs.

I really don't like campaign signs. They certainly don't add to the beauty of our roadways and neighborhoods. But more than my dislike of the signs, I like - in fact, I highly value - freedom of speech and political expression.

The signs for the primary are out now, and if you think you've seen a lot of them, it has only just begun. After the primary, we will see even more signs along Kirkland streets as the candidates for the other 3 Council races join in. Add to that the races for Port Commission, King County Executive and others, and it is going to be quite the collection of signs.

So with that in mind, I want to share some information for the Kirkland Views Viewers!

First, Kirkland has rules for the display of political signs and I have attached those to this letter. These rules provide specific provisions about where signs can or cannot be placed. While you might know these as "yard signs," the rules allow for these signs to be placed not only in private yards with owner consent, but also in public places, within specified limits. For instance, we allow them in certain portions of the public right of way, but not on the medians.

Second, if you see a sign that you think has been placed in violation of these rules, don't touch that sign! Call the City - as per the attached, you can call 425-587-3225, Option 2, and then choose either Mr. Salzman or Mr. Tuberg. Let them know the location of the sign in question, and someone from the City will check it out. If the sign is improperly installed, they will remove the sign and contact the candidate.

And finally, while this should be obvious, it happens in nearly every campaign: don't move, remove or deface signs just because you prefer another candidate. Besides the fact that signs are expensive, it is also illegal to steal or deface the signs.

Thank you for your attention and please remember to vote in the upcoming primary!

Bea Nahon, Kirkland