City seeks public help to clear storm drains of leaves and debris

Kirkland Monitors Flood Watch; Seeks Public Help to Clear Storm Drains of Leaves and Debris

The National Weather Service ( has issued a Flood Watch effective through late Wednesday, November 23, 2011. A flood watch means conditions are favorable for flooding but flooding is not imminent or occurring. The City of Kirkland is monitoring the weather forecasts and checking flood-prone areas in the City. Yesterday’s winds have blown off tree leaves which often land on top of storm drains. The City of Kirkland seeks the help of home owners and business owners in clearing leaves and other debris from storm drain grates to reduce the potential for localized flooding. There are more than 12,000 drains throughout the City. To clear a grate, use a rake to remove debris and place it in a yard waste, trash, or recycling container. Do not remove the grate from the drain opening and do not rake or blow leaves from private property into the street. To report flooding or road hazards, please call the Kirkland Public Works Maintenance Center at 425-587-3900 (24-hours). If you are interested in “adopting” a storm drain to support the City’s flood reduction and water quality efforts, please call 425-587-3800 or visit and search “Adopt a Storm Drain.”