One Song, One Chance - KTUB hosts Battle of the Bands with over 11 local teen bands

The Kirkland Teen Union Building was proud to host over 11 local teen bands in a two round Battle of the Bands contest.  Talented young musicians between the ages of 13 and 19 competed in front of a panel of judges and a packed house for the opportunity to win a KTUB band development contract as well as gift packages from the Guitar Center in Kirkland.

The first round of the contest, held on November 12th, was a true triumph with over 175 guests in the audience, Eastside teens had a chance to showcase their many talents.  From teen baristas in KTUB’s  JW café to young sound engineers, KTUB participants partnered with other volunteers to give over 240 hours of their volunteer time to this event! Every band gave their all, in their one shot to move on to the second round.  At the end of the night audience votes and judges choices allowed six bands the chance to come back for Round 2!  Restrepo, This is Your Captain Speaking, Brandon and Dylan, Social Anxiety, Katherines Broadcast, Jacob McCaslin and Roll the Credits were all chosen to come back the next weekend, on November 19th.

The second round proved the energy and buzz was high.  With even more audience and fans, the Eastside community joined forces again to pull off another inspiring night.  The 6 bands battled for formal concert bookings, CD recording, promotional and marketing materials, band merchandise, and the chance to headline Kirkland’s Bluefish Festival in June.  All six bands were rewarded by winning the chance to be part of this amazing band development opportunity and one band was chosen to be the grand prize winner.

That band was, “This is Your Captain Speaking” an Indie Rock band who has played together for about a year.  The band members, Nick Johnston, Josh Baez, Johnny Dance, Braeden Small, Lauren Dana, Spener Edgers, Andrew Lovett, Austin Ponten, were a unanimous vote between the judging panel and the audience.  Besides the KTUB contract, the band also won a prize package of from the Guitar Center in Kirkland. “This is Your Captain Speaking,” brought an energetic show and a level of musicianship that helped them add One Song, One Chance to a list of other accomplishments including winning their school talent show and hostinga benefit concert which helped to raise over $2000 for AIDS.

Overall,  One Song, One Chance rejuvenated the musical energy at KTUB, but most importantly allowed an opportunity for all of the talented young participants to join forces with staff, volunteer, and community members, to achieve a monumental local event.