Make a splash in the New Year at the Polar Bear Plunge Jan. 1st


All attention seekers, arctic swimmers, men of merriment, women of wisdom, braggadocios boys, gregarious girls, yogis of yoga and people of little common sense.

YOU are hereby summoned Kirkland's Marina Park to experience the Polar Bear Plunge on January 1, 2012 at the civilized hour of 1:00 P.M.

SPECTATORS -- CAUTION: Excessive amounts of pink skin will be present. Avert the eyes to avoid prolonged exposure.

PARTICIPANTS -- No experience necessary. Common sense optional.

THE PRIZE -- One full year of bragging rights... PRICELESS

For ten years running, Kirklanders have celebrated the New Year by throwing themselves into the icy waters of Lake Washington on New Year's Day. The City of Kirkland bowed out of sponsoring this event a few years ago but that didn't stop the die hard plungers from continuing in an unofficial capacity.

Once again this year, countless like-minded (or absent minded) swimmers will take the plunge at Marina Park at 1PM on January 1st and YOU are invited!

The Polar Bear Plunge is a fantastically fun event in which to participate and to watch as a spectator. There will be plenty of fun, laughter and pink skin for all.

  • Polar Bear Plunge
  • Marina Park in downtown Kirkland
  • 12:45 warmup
  • 1:00 PM Start time

Remember, this is not an official event and it is not sponsored by any organization. The 10th Annual "unofficial" Polar Bear Plunge is a gathering of like-minded individuals seeking to celebrate the new year in a unique way. Please bring warm clothing as Lake Washington will likely be chilly this time of year. It's THE place to be on New Year's Day! We hope to see you there!

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