Harbor Fresh Fish Grill coming to Kirkland Market

Another indication of what will occupy the new Kirkland Market (currently under construction on Lake Street) has just gone up -- a sign for Harbor Fresh Fish Grill. A web search uncovered a Brea, California seafood restaurant of the same name with a similar logo described as a casual seafood restaurant. Check out the Yelp page for more details.

The Kirkland Market project was hoped to be completed this month but word on the street is that it won't be ready until March. The indoor, year-round market (15 Lake Street in downtown Kirkland) is looking to be quite an exciting development. The former J.C. Penney building is under construction and has shed its former name, Lake Street Mall. The building boasts two floors for a dozen or so merchants with access from both Lake Street and the marina.

Also of note is is the return of Sasi's Cafe to the cheers of many of their loyal fans.