Family-Friendly Birding Walk Timed To Spot Season’s Best, Feb 11

Easy Paths at Juanita Bay Park Get Close to Birds with Kid Appeal


Before the trees start to leaf out and before the colorful waterfowl start to migrate north, all ages can enjoy an introduction to the best of winter birding at Juanita Bay Park in Kirkland on February 11.

Eastside Audubon and the Eastside Park Rangers will co-host a Family Birding Walk along paved trails through the parkland and on flat boardwalks over the wetlands and along the Lake Washington shoreline.

Birds often seen at close range on the bay include petite Pied-billed Grebes, romantic Trumpeter Swans, gawky Double-crested Cormorants, and delicately marked Ring-necked Ducks that turn bottoms-up to feed. Eastside Audubon guides and the Rangers will help kids see which bird is which.

“Winter is a perfect time to learn the names of the beautiful water birds that spend these months in our bay,” said Jill Keeney, the Eastside Audubon liaison to the Eastside Park Rangers. Also typical at Juanita Bay Park are long looks at a resident Red-tailed Hawk. (Chances are he’ll look right back!)

Easy paths in the park make the Family Birding Walk a perfect Saturday morning outing for children age 5 and older ­–– and for grandparents.

The 90-minute walk is free and open to the public, and starts at 10 a.m. at the information kiosk just off the parking lot at 2201 Market Street, Kirkland. A portable rest room is available. Eastside Audubon suggests dressing for the weather and bringing binoculars if available.