Volunteer EMT Service Restored at Finn Hill Fire Station 24


UPDATED This release from the City of Kirkland was previously titled, "Kirkland Fire Department Restores EMT Program; Volunteers to Respond from Fire Station 24." The corrected text is below:

In response to concerns expressed by Finn Hill residents and the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board of Directors, the City of Kirkland has restored its volunteer Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) response from the current Finn Hill Fire Station #24.  Earlier this month, the Fire Department announced the elimination of its Reserve Program and the creation of a Fire Corps Program.  Reserves, who are certified EMTs, responded from Fire Station #24 to provide emergency medical aid support and non-emergency support at fire scenes and received a stipend.  Reserves responded in tandem with professional firefighters and performed limited emergency medical response.  Most of the former Reserves have agreed to continue their support as Kirkland Fire Department (KFD) volunteer EMTs without compensation.  Although the details of the program are being finalized, it is known that volunteer EMTs will respond from Fire Station 24 alongside professional firefighters/EMTs to serve north Finn Hill on emergency medical calls.


“The Kirkland Fire Department and the community are extremely fortunate to have the support of volunteer EMTs,” notes Fire Chief Kevin Nalder.  “We are grateful for the feedback we heard from Finn Hill residents and are pleased to find a solution that will continue to serve residents in a way that they value.”


Fire Corps, a program guided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, promotes the use of citizen advocates to enhance the capacity of resource-constrained fire and rescue departments.  These volunteers will assist the Kirkland Fire Department in a range of activities including emergency management, life safety public education, youth programs, and administrative support.


For more information about the KFD Volunteer EMT program, contact Captain Mark Buenting at 425-587-3725 or mbuenting@kirklandwa.gov. To join the Kirkland Fire Corps Program, contact Captain Bill Hoover at 425-587-3650 or bhoover@kirklandwa.gov.