Houghton Community Council: HB 2610 passes the House 56-40

Bill repealing provisions governing community municipal corporations moves to the Senate after passing the House by a vote of 56-40

In what was largely a partisan party line vote, HB 2610 passed the State House of Representatives on Thursday by a vote of 56-40. The bill is a "virtual companion bill to HB 1812" which was passed by the House last year. Representative Larry Springer described HB 2610 as "an anachronism" and "an untenable situation" as he spoke in favor of the bill.

Representative Larry Springer(D-45th) and Deb Eddy (D-48th) both spoke on behalf of the bill on the floor. Representative Jan Angel (R-26th) spoke against the bill. You can watch the floor remarks in the video above.

[box style="rounded" border="full"]At the Tuesday Kirkland City Council meeting, a discussion began about the Houghton Community Council when Councilmember Bob Sternoff noted how "strange" it was that the council had ignored the issue of HB 2610, which would eliminate the 43 year old elected body. Sternoff noted that in all of the years he had been involved in city business, he had not seen such an issue affecting Kirkland citizens ignored by the council. The subject was addressed by the City Council it was decided that the body would remain neutral on HB 2610, however, individual councilmembers shared their views from the dais. Councilmembers Sternoff, Asher and Nixon expressed support the Houghton Community Council.[/box]

The House vote on final passage of HB 2610 was as follows:

Yeas: 56   Nays: 40   Absent: 0   Excused: 2

Voting Yea:  Representatives Appleton, Asay, Billig, Blake, Carlyle, Clibborn, Cody, Darneille, Dickerson, Dunshee, Eddy, Finn, Fitzgibbon, Goodman, Green, Haigh, Hansen, Hasegawa, Hudgins, Hunt, Hunter, Hurst, Jinkins, Kagi, Kelley, Kenney, Kirby, Ladenburg, Liias, Lytton, Maxwell, McCoy, Miloscia, Moeller, Morris, Moscoso, Ormsby, Orwall, Pedersen, Pettigrew, Pollet, Probst, Reykdal, Ryu, Santos, Seaquist, Sells, Springer, Stanford, Sullivan, Takko, Tharinger, Upthegrove, Van De Wege, Wylie, and Mr. Speaker

Voting Nay:  Representatives Ahern, Alexander, Anderson, Angel, Armstrong, Bailey, Buys, Chandler, Condotta, Crouse, Dahlquist, Dammeier, DeBolt, Fagan, Haler, Hargrove, Harris, Hinkle, Hope, Johnson, Klippert, Kretz, Kristiansen, McCune, Orcutt, Overstreet, Parker, Pearson, Rivers, Rodne, Ross, Schmick, Shea, Short, Smith, Taylor, Walsh, Warnick, Wilcox, and Zeiger


Excused:  Representatives Nealey and Roberts