Eastside Audubon Shorebird Sessions Set Stage For Spring

Course Combines Photos and Field Trip to Enhance Enjoyment of Coastal Visits

Every visitor to the Washington shore loves those little birds that dart around at the water’s edge or take off in dazzling flocks doing synchronized aerobatics.

As much fun they are to watch, the shorebirds are even more entertaining when you start to know which ones are which and why they do what they do. And that’s what you can learn in Eastside Audubon’s three-part Shorebird Identification course, a classroom and field trip series starting March 20 in Kirkland.

Even if you have only a casual interest in birds, you’ll get more out of visiting the Washington coast when you know, for instance, that the ones playing tag with the waves are the Sanderlings, while the ones running back and forth at a safe distance are the Plovers.

You’ll be able to tell the stories of the epic migrations that bring some of the shorebirds to our coast in the spring, plus you’ll learn why the spring migration is different from the fall pattern and which shorebirds you can expect to find at other seasons.

Instructor Tim Boyer is a shorebird expert and professional photographer whose work can be seen at http://www.timboyerphotography.com. Because even devoted birders often find it hard to tell some of the shorebirds apart, Mr. Boyer will teach the differences in appearance between species using photographs he’s taken for the purpose.

Classroom sessions in Kirkland on Tuesday evenings, March 20 and 27, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. will be followed by a full-day field trip to the Washington coast on Saturday, March 31, or Sunday, April 1. (Field trip details will be arranged during classroom meetings.)

Fees for the class are $60 for Eastside Audubon members, $80 for non-members. Carpool cost for the coast field trip is additional. (Evening sessions only: $40 for members, $55 for non-members.)

More information is available at the Eastside Audubon website at: http://www.eastsideaudubon.org/birding/classes; click “Shorebird Identification, with Tim Boyer.”

Class size is limited to 16 participants. Registration is open now at Eastside Audubon: office@eastsideaudubon.org or (425) 576-8805.


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