LETTER | Potala Project

Dear Editor: Comes now the Potala project on Lake St S., a fancy new building with with 143 condo units and 2 underground parking floors for 316 stalls. Consider the advantages of this proposal.  Commuters and residents will be able to see this building up-close on their splendid 30 t0 40 minute drive from Carillon point to downtown Kirkland.  With those 316 more cars on the blvd., this trip will be even more splendid allowing you more time to see Lake St and its environs in intimate detail.

Also this building should "fit right in" to the surrounding individual residences and quite limited occupancy condominiums.

And that's not all.

Think of the increased revenue to the city in new property taxes which  could allow planners to build more of these fancy buildings; maybe in your neighborhood thus increasing your property values.  It could also allow modest pay increases to our beleaguered planners as well.

But alas, there are a couple of downsides.

The city will likely have to place more trash receptacles for doggie waste due to increased city park use.  Also they probably will need to place bike racks since parking will become ever more difficult.  But...that's growth for you.

If this doesn't convince you to join the "Let's get huge" committee, I don't know what will.

Ever Yours, JF Rogers