Residents file to intervene and align with City in Potala Village lawsuit

On May 31, Socius Law Group sent this letter to the City of Kirkland informing them that the law firm will be appearing in, and filing a Motion To Intervene in the lawsuit filed by Potala Village against the City of Kirkland. Potala Village, the developer Lobsang Dargey and his wife, have filed a Complaint For Declaratory Judgment, Writs and Injunction against the City of Kirkland in King County Superior Court.

The Socius Law Group represents concerned residents who oppose the planned development at Lake Washington Blvd. and 10th. The goals of the group are to:

1. align with the City against the posturing and pressuring tactics of the developer of Potala Village, and

2. ensure that the interest of affected citizens are represented and protected.