Marina Park gets ready for SummerFest -- artist decorates lamp posts at the beach

Marina Park gets decorated in anticipation of Kirkland SummerFest coming August 10 and 11

On Wednesday, Marina Park was decorated with colorful knitted wraps around the flagpoles near the beach in celebration of Kirkland SummerFest arriving August 10th and 11th. You may have seen trees similarly decorated by the artist Suzanne Tidwell. The artwork will be on display in Marina Park throughout the rest of the month. Thank you to Kathy Feek and the Cultural Arts Commission for their generosity and support of Kirkland SummerFest.

Anyone looking for a fun way to get involved in our community, please consider volunteering at SummerFest! You get a t-shirt, a chance to see behind the scenes on how a major event takes place and you then enjoy the festival. To volunteer, please email Julie Metteer at

To learn more about the music, kids, food and art at Kirkland SummerFest, please visit