LETTER | Voters need 'the rest of the story' about Prop 1 & 2

Don't be uninformed going into the November 6th election.  The City’s web site is promoting their version of their Streets Prop 1 and Parks Prop 2 contained in their 2012 Ballot Measures are far from complete.  

There’s no need to raise taxes.   


The time to decide on the validity of their Prop 1 and 2 is when the Voter’s Pamphlet that contains the Pro and Con statements along with the rebuttals are mailed to the voters.  What the city is promoting is only one solution.  It hasn't stopped them from trying to preempt the voter’s choice with their single minded propaganda.


Read the Voter’s pamphlet before deciding how you will vote.   It contains what Paul Harvey would say is “the rest of the story”.


Robert L. Style