And so it begins... volunteers adopt the Cross Kirkland Corridor

The daunting task of converting this unused rail line into a trail for the community has begun as volunteers work to improve their city one rail tie at a time. Hard work erases years of neglect along a three quarter mile stretch of the Cross Kirkland Corridor

On Saturday, September 8th, forty volunteers joined the teams from Kudos Kirkland and the Highlands Neighborhood to kick off the City of Kirkland's new “Adopt-a-Trail” program. The crew worked for two hours picking up litter, clipping vegitation and spreading gravel along a three-quarter mile section of the new Cross Kirkland Corridor. The effort was coordinated by Karen Story and Michelle Sailor in conjunction with Public Works.

The city of Kirkland purchased 5.75 miles of the old Burlington Northern Railroad corridor in March, 2012, and is actively working on a master plan and funding for a mixed use trail. Until these are in place, the city is requesting citizen help to maintain the corridor. The corridor is divided into 23 quarter mile sections.

If your organization is interested in adopting a quarter mile section, please contact City Hall. Click here to view a map of the entire corridor including which sections have been adopted.

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