Good Samaritan who gave away his Boston Marathon race medal identified as LWHS Grad

Through an act of kindness, Lake Washington High School Class of 1984 graduate, Brent Cunningham, soothed the sorrow of a stranger in need at the Boston Marathon. The story went viral and friends who know Cunningham say they are not surprised by his selfless gesture. The story was told by The Star.

Touched by the spontaneous generosity of a stranger in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings., a 25-year-old runner from Cambridge, Mass., turned to Facebook to find her Good Samaritan.

The marathon rules insist only race finishers may collect a race medal, and Laura Wellington was half a mile from the finish line when the two bombs went off Monday and the race was abruptly halted.

A passing stranger — a marathon participant himself, as it turned out — saw her sitting on the curb in tears and gave her his medal.

On Tuesday, curious to know who the kindly man was, Wellington put her story of Facebook. “I was so in need of a familiar face at that point in time,” she wrote, adding she had “slim” hope of finding him. “This couple reassured me that even though such a terrible thing had happened, everything was going to be OK.”

Her Facebook posting quickly went viral (nearly a quarter of a million “likes” by Wednesday evening) and a few hours later she had a name: Brent Cunningham.

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Thank you to Liv Grohn for the heads up.