LETTER | Public says "NO" to traffic from Path America's Potala Village - Kirkland Aqua

Letter-Stamp Dear Editor:


A new traffic concurrency test notice on Friday indicates that Path America's project (sometimes called Potala Village, sometimes called Kirkland Aqua) has "passed" traffic concurrency test.  This is subject to appeal which is handled a bit like a court proceeding in front of a Hearing Examiner.


There is a 7 to 14 calendar day window after a notice of concurrency is issued for appealing the decision.  Public Notice of the Concurrency Test is required.


ONCE AGAIN the city has failed to provide Public Notice.  Friday the results of the Concurrency Test were know.  Citizens inquired mid-day about how "NOTICE" was being given to the community.  Was it posted on the property - NO.  Was it put into the Seattle Times (official location for posting Kirkland notices) - NO.  Was it mailed to surrounding neighbors - NO.  Was it pushed out in an email to all those who the city has promised full and timely updates through the Listserv - NO.


When asked on Friday August 23rd whether this would be the 7 or the 14 day appeal window, the citizens were told they would hear on Monday August 26th.  At this point the ability to appeal will have been shortened nearly in half, and actually more if one needs to mail the appeal or check to the city offices.  The ability to appeal (if 7 days) has been basically stolen from the citizens.


And what does a citizen need to do in the 24-48 hours that would remain of the appeal window?


1.  A citizen must get a check delivered to the clerk at city hall (caution that the city receives mail at their PO Box, not street address, and is picks up mail before the overnight deliveries arrive - thus you need to book in another day or hire a delivery service who will hand deliver directly to city hall).


2.  Even more of a barrier is the preparation of the Appeal.  Certain elements are required for an appeal to be considered "complete" and "accepted."  (funny that a development application that is almost fully incomplete is accepted more easily).


3. A citizen must state specifics of what is being appealed which is difficult since the city doesn't "show its work" without long delay that will extend past the appeal deadline.  Even with citizens requesting this information two months ago, the city provided incomplete, minimal information on which other projects in town were considered "pipeline projects" or calculations of the V/C ratios, and incomplete information on the past review of Potala Village.


4. Which brings up the final challenge, in the remaining 24-48 hours, a citizen must be able to become a bit expert in the very confusing methods of determining "concurrency."


Is this lack of "NOTICE" democracy?

Why are our elected representatives allowing this to happen?  When they are elected, they are tasked with overseeing the operation of our city government.  Are they coping out with "we depend on staff?"  Clearly the citizens have been drawing their attention to the fact that depending on staff is NOT WORKING and the current ELECTEDs are thus not doing their jobs.


CITIZENS ARE CHALLENGING THE TRAFFIC FOR Path America's project as either Potala Village or Kirkland Aqua and will challenge the lack of NOTICE and obstruction to the public records that are relevant to this challenge.


NO to these projects and their impacts.


NO to any council member that does not step up and insist that NOTICE is given through established means (IMMEDIATELY), an appropriate appeal window is provided as required by city codes, and all relevant records be immediately released so that citizens can prepare thoughtful, accurate appeals to present in the court - like hearing.


Karen Levenson