Waste Management Honors Green Workers This Labor Day


Promotes “green” career opportunities throughout the organization

This Labor Day, Waste Management of Washington honors workers who serve the environment and reminds those interested in green careers to explore what the company has to offer.

Labor Day, the unofficial last day of summer, is a time for the nation to honor the 155.7 million people in the nation's work force, a growing number of whom hold green jobs.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, green jobs are those that produce goods or services "that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources," or jobs "in which workers' duties involve making their establishment's production processes more environmentally friendly.”

“One of our goals at Waste Management is to extract more value out of the materials we handle and, while we do that, to make our own processes more efficient and more sustainable,” said Robin Freedman, Senior Manager of Communications for Waste Management of Kirkland. “From our drivers who pick up the materials we process to our sustainability experts who advise customers on how to create and maintain the greenest businesses, all of us at WM are working green.” Waste Management recently announced the opening of its 50th natural gas fueling station in North America, solidifying its position as the nation’s largest operator of a clean-burning heavy-duty truck fleet. The company also earned Gold Certification from the Council for Responsible Sport for its socially and environmentally responsible efforts in the planning and execution of the Waste Management Phoenix Open. “We salute our entire workforce and remind folks that Waste Management is a great place to work and feel good about what you do,” Freedman said. Job seekers can view Waste Management’s career page at http://www.wm.com/careers/index.jsp