Parking in downtown Kirkland has been a topic of heated debate for decades. How much is needed? 

It seems everyone has an opinion: merchants, pedestrians, residents, shoppers and even those who never step foot in downtown Kirkland. 

Parking Advisory Boards have come and gone, zoning codes have been revised, traffic calming instituted, pedestrian safety emphasized and the result is what we have today: a hodgepodge of pay lots, two-, three- and four-hour free parking, street parking, the result of years of vacillating policies.

Simply put, parking in Kirkland is complicated. 

So, here is a parking map created by the City to help you find parking. Most locals know where to find the best spaces. This map should help you, the visitor to Kirkland, find a good place to park.

Be forewarned: it is very easy to get a parking ticket in downtown Kirkland if you don't heed the signage.

Insider’s tip:
The parking garage located under the Library is a safe bet for up to 4 hours of FREE parking (on the corner of 3rd Street and Kirkland Avenue).

Play it safe and don't risk a parking ticket. We want you to enjoy your time here and leave with a smile on your face.   

Electric vehicle charging stations are available at:

  • Peter Kirk Municipal Garage (under the library)
  • Lakeshore Plaza Lot (at Marina Park)
  • City Hall

Download the parking map from the City of Kirkland here.

Updated 10/20/2015

Below is the now outdated Public Parking guide prior to changes made in the Fall of 2015, presented for comparison purposes.