Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I volunteer for events in Kirkland

A: There are two primary sources for volunteers in town:

Q: How do I submit an event to the Kirkland Calendar?


Q: Why does Kirkland Views permit anonymous comments?

A: Visit and complete the Submit Event form. Piece of cake.


A: We believe that anonymity has its place in the course of discussion provided the commenter remains civil and abides by our Code of Conduct for commenting.

Many subjects affecting our city are controversial in nature. By providing the option of anonymity, Kirkland Views allows all voices to be heard -- even those who fear reprisal for expressing opinions which are not popular.

There are some at City Hall who have asked Kirkland Views to end anonymity for comments (all letters to the editor must be signed). We have respectfully declined these requests as they would diminish the purpose of this website as a forum for ideas aimed at making Kirkland a better place in which we live, work and play.

If you prefer a more homogenized place to comment on these subjects, we invite you to visit our Facebook page.